About Natvia

Natvia – The 100% Natural Sweetener


What makes Natvia Natural Sweetener so special can be summed up in SEVEN points

  1. You can bake and cook with Natvia Natural Sweetener
  2. Natvia is made from 100% natural sources!
  3. Natvia is derived from the Stevia plant
  4. We use the very best 100% natural ingredients to create our unique blend of Natural Sweetener.
  5. Expertly crafted to complement coffee and tea.
  6. Low GI makes it ideal for diabetics.
  7. It is the BEST tasting natural sweetener on the market.

We use the very best! Natvia is made from 100% natural sources to create our unique blend.

We have made this our creed. So, you can rest assured that what you’ve got in your hands is the very best we can produce. In fact, we’ve been certified GMO free by the NON GMO Project. Not many other natural sweetener can claim that they are genuinely natural and are non GMO.

You can bake and cook with Natvia.

Not just a one trick pony, Natvia is also great in the kitchen. Imagine a sugar-free lemon meringue pie. Well, don’t imagine, simple click right here for the recipe and a scrumptious photo.

If you liked that one, how about some sugar free ice-cream? That’s right, just click here.

Now, you’re getting the idea. Thousands of users submitted, sugar-free and reduced sugar recipes can be found on our Sweeter Life Club. Even top London bakery, Primrose has gotten into the act. Click click click.

Expertly crafted especially to complement coffee.

Thanks to the rise of the Triple Grandé Skinny Frappé Mocha Latté, our caffeine hit is now hopped up on sugar. Even into easy cups of Joe, we’ve been loading up on the stuff. To keep the sugar off, we’ve traditionally turned to artificial sweeteners (and no often natural sweeteners!). You know the brands and you definitely know the taste. Bleah. Not Natvia. Natvia was made for coffee. We conducted over 600 trials to make sure of that. Yum.

Low GI makes it ideal for diabetics.

Remember those all natural ingredients we talked about? Well, not only are they zero in calories, they are also zero on the GI scale. We’re not talking GI Joe but GI as in Glycemic Index. This measures how quickly a food is absorbed into the blood stream. Glucose is at the top with 100. Natvia is somewhere at the bottom. Way at the bottom. Which is great news for all of you watching your blood glucose levels.

No tooth decay.

Your mouth has its own ecosystem. Everyone has one. Get over it. Remember when your dentist told you not to eat so much sugar? That ecosystem thrives on it. Loves it. Eats it. Yup. The bacteria in your mouth eats the sugar and poops out…wait for it…acid. And acid is death for your teeth, resulting in little holes that become big holes. Those bugs on the other hand, hate Natvia. Won’t touch it. Like that broccoli on your kid’s plate. So, no tooth decay. Great news for your dentist.

It is the BEST tasting of all.

Taste is highly subjective but whole industries are entirely dependent on how those taste buds perform. Specialty coffee roasters spend a lot of money making sure they get the best beans, roast them to perfection and baristas then extract the best flavors from the grounds. For these guys, it’s all about those taste buds and these were the same taste buds we employed to help conduct those 600 plus trials we mentioned. Top coffee roasters the world over swear by Natvia and won’t touch the other stuff. Ask the guys at Intelligentsia, Toby’s Estate and any other coffee joint that serves us. Hand on heart, we are the best tasting and we’ll stand by that.

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